Reseller Program

Welcome to Elkhorn Graphics, LLC Reseller Program. (Decals and Stickers ONLY)

We offer a competitive pricing program for company's who want to resell our products. The following is our terms and conditions.

-Reseller accounts are not available to end users only Business to Business, and must be verifiable.

-A reseller account is an ongoing relationship with Elkhorn Graphics, LLC.

-Applicants should have a genuine intention to purchase and resell Elkhorn Graphics products in the present and ongoing future.

-Sorry, Reseller / Wholesalers are exempt from the Reward Points Program.

Discounts that can be achieved: Discounted off Order Total

The following only applies to Decal resellers. Does not apply to T-Shirts or Laser Engraved Products.

All First Time Resellers (level 1) receive a flat 50% Off inital order and minumum order of $100
After the initial first order Resellers will be upgrade to (level 2) in which they can order additional Decals at 50% Off 10+ Decals min. No Minimum Dollar Amount.
All Resellers will receive 60% Off any orders over 100+ Decals

If you agree to these terms, click the I AGREE link below and complete the Elkhorn Graphics, LLC reseller application form.

After completing the reseller registration form, applications are verified and if the criteria are met, you will receive confirmation by email. We process applications as quickly as possible, but please allow up to two days for a response. Incomplete reseller applications will not be processed. We reserve the right to decline and stop reseller status, at our discretion and without explanation.

(((I AGREE WITH THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS))) <---(Click here to Apply)


Other than having websites here are other ways some of our Resellers profit.

If you're looking for fundraising ideas, selling custom car stickers and decals for your next church or school fundraiser can yield a 200% return on your investment. You can easily sell these products for twice what you pay for them. Decals are lightweight, easy to deliver, free of shipping and handling charges and won't melt or spoil like some other fundraising products on the market.

Raise Funds and Awareness

This is ideal for non-profit organizations because it not only raises funds for your organization; it also raises awareness for your cause. Your supporters will pay you for marketing your organization on their vehicles which equates to free advertising. Let's see cookie dough or candle fundraisers do that!


Custom Car Stickers and Decals also make a great school fundraisers. Your school's athletic teams, clubs, cheerleaders and other organizations can all raise funds for uniforms or travel expenses by selling stickers with your school's logo or mascot on them, to students and parents within your local community.

The great thing about this fundraising product is that it not only provides financial support for your school team or organization, it also lends moral support to your cause by getting your entire community behind you.